Kayak the Caves Branch River on an adventurous tour following the river downstream for 7 miles. With a stable, sit-on-top kayak, you don’t need any prior boating experience to explore an underground cave system.

Location: Caves Branch River
Level: Moderate to Challenging(but doable!)

DEPARTURE 8:00am from Belize City
WHAT TO WEAR a water shirt, t-shirt or just a swimsuit are fine.  You will be completely wet, including your footwear.  
Park Entry Fee
Tour Gear
Guided tour
Lunch with Beverage
Guide gratuity – feel free to tip your guide for a job well done!
  • Bring a towel and change of clothes as you will be wet at the end of the tour!
  • Bring along a plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Please don’t bring expensive or priceless jewelry or items that could get lost in the jungle, river or cave!

The jungles and rainforests of Central America, including Belize, offer visitors a chance to explore some of the most pristine landscapes in the world. In Belize, visitors can experience the unique adventure of floating through vast subterranean labyrinths using only an inflatable inner tube and headlamp to guide their way.

One of the most popular cave tubing adventures in Belize is called The River of Caves Seven-Mile Cave Kayaking Tour which allows visitors to float down more than seven miles of underground caves, marveling at the amazing geological structures as well as catching a glimpse of ancient and enigmatic Maya artifacts.