ATM Cave Belize – do not miss this incredible tour!

Don’t miss the ATM Cave Belize! A unique Mayan cave archaeological and adventure tour with so many fantastic experiences including jungle hiking, river crossings, and cave exploration. The “Cave of the Stone Sepulcher” consists of a series of chambers, ending in a large Cathedral where human sacrificial remains and artefacts can be viewed in their original context.

Location: Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve
Level: Moderate to Challenging(but do-able!)

DEPARTURE 7:30am from Belize City
WHAT TO WEAR Light clothing such as a t-shirt and shorts or lightweight long pants. Comfortable walking shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. SOCKS are mandatory for walking inside the cave.  Your personal water bottle keeps you hydrated in Belize’s humid and hot climate.  Cameras are allowed on the trail but not within the cave.
Pick up & Drop off at your Bze City location
Park Entry Fee
Tour Gear
Guided tour
Lunch with Beverage
Water shoe rental
Guide gratuity – feel free to tip your guide for a job well done!
  • Bring a towel and change of clothes as you will be muddy and wet at the end of the tour!
  • Bring along a plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Please don’t bring expensive or priceless jewellery or items that could get lost in the jungle, river or cave!


The History of the ATM Cave Belize

Actun Tunichil Muknal is one of Belize’s bucket list tours. Historical records are incomplete but the artefacts within the cave indicate that the Belize ATM Cave was a sacred site during the peak of the Mayan civilization. The Mayas utilized the cave as early as 300 AD and by 900 AD it was at its height as a major spiritual center, as a gateway to the underworld.
Belizeans treasure this destination as much as international adventure enthusiasts. Its relevance to anthropologists and archaeologists cannot be understated – The Belize ATM Cave is indeed a treasure trove of information and glimpses into the Maya world.  Led by Belize’s Dr. Jamie Awe, archaeologists were able to determine many of the practices and rituals of the ancient Maya within the ATM Cave, despite the many records destroyed during European colonialism.
The significance of archaeological finds within the ATM Cave Belize is extraordinary! Human remains and artefacts including pottery, tools, weapons, and vessels date back as early as 300 AD.  Mayan occupation within the ATM Cave Belize speaks to a well developed and culturally rich society making this an archaeological jungle caving adventure not to miss!

Human Sacrifices in ATM Cave Belize

belize-atm-cave-madienThe “Crystal Maiden” believed to have been a human sacrifice in a sacred ritual tells of the dark side of the Maya’s spiritual beliefs.  Evidence points to significant acts of ritualized torture as well where over 14 victims, particularly young maidens, were bound to stelaes and then bled all in the belief that this would appease their gods.  The Maya believed that the gods of agriculture, rain, and fertility dwelled in the underworld. And for the Maya, this ATM Cave found here in Belize was the gateway to that underworld.

During your visit to the ATM Cave Belize

Upon departing Belize City, you will travel for approximately 75mins along the George Price Highway. Just past the capital city of Belmopan, in Teakettle Village you will disembark your tour van.  Grab your gear and board the second tour van which will take you into the jungle itself! From there it’s another approximately 30min ride to the tour starting point. You will be hiking through the jungle, crossing the stream in a few locations before arriving at the mouth of the cave. Enjoy a well-deserved break including a delicious local lunch to reenergize. It’s now time for your cave exploration! You will access the interior chambers of the ATM Cave Belize by swimming across the entrance, wading through the cave, and then finally climbing a short ledge. After a very short tunnel (you can see and almost touch the exit) the path opens up into a cathedral-sized chamber where your cave exploration really beings with a stunning cave plethora! Explore the cave with your knowledgeable guide and experience the mysteries of the ancient Maya civilization. For more history and facts, check out the Wikipedia page on ATM Cave Belize.
1Belizeans treasure this important Maya site and as such visits are only allowed with an approved local guide. Maximum group sizes per guide are established so as to ensure safety among tour participants, and to preserve the rich cultural heritage and artefacts within the cave. This tour should be booked early in advance to ensure your spot. Do not miss this incredible experience. Book your tour today!  If you are booking from one of the islands, please click here for ATM Cave from San Pedro or here for ATM Cave from Caye Caulker.