Cave Tubing Belize + Zip Line + Altun Ha 3X Combo

Don’t waste a day in Belize! Enjoy the triple combo including the refreshing Cave Tubing Belize experience and the end of this amazing day!

Click here for Cave Tubing Belize + Altun Ha + Zip Line from San Pedro Ambergris Caye

Click here for Cave Tubing Belize + Altun Ha + Zip Line 3X Combo from Caye Caulker

Just about 30miles from Belize City in all directions make this triple combo a breeze! We’ll start at the Mayan ruins of Altun Ha. Climb the “Temple of the Masonry Altars” following the footsteps of the ancient elite and shamen over 50ft to the top to take in the scenic jungle view.

From here we will head over to Nohoch Che’en Park to enjoy the Belize cave tubing and zip line adventures. After a delicious local lunch, prepare to fly!  Gear up and head into the jungle. Zoom from platform to platform at canopy level. Then its off to Belize Caving adventure!

Geared up with your headlamp, helmet, lifevest and tube follow your guide along the path to the river.  Cross the river following the jungle trail on a 30min walk. The path is mostly level over even terrain.

At the starting point along the river, ease unto your tube and simply float down the cave system and along the jungle lined river in the company of your skilled guide. Your float and Cave Tubing Belize tour ends back where you first crossed the river.

Location: Rockstone Village + Franks’s Eddy
Level: Moderate (walking & stair climbing)

DEPARTURE Tour departs at 8:00am from Belize City
Bring along sunshades, cap, sunblock, bug repellent
tshirt and shorts or swimsuit, towel and change of clothes
water shirt, water shoes can come in handy


Tour transfers
Park Fees
Tour Gear
Guided Tour
Lunch with Beverage
  • On the Cave Tubing Belize portion whatever you are wearing will be 100% wet.
  • Pack a towel and swimsuit or wear underneath
  • Bring a plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Changing rooms available at the Park
  • Please don’t bring expensive or priceless items that could get lost or damaged on the tour

History of Altun Ha

Cave_Tubing_Belize_Altun_HaAltun Ha was occupied at its peak during the Classic Period approximately 900BC to 1000AD. It is one of the longest-occupied sites dating from the Pre-Classic period all through the Late Classic Period.

These centuries of occupation at Altun Ha left many Mayan artefacts as glimpses into the lives of the ancient Maya. Altun Ha features over 500 mounds with about  15 of those having been excavated.

Led by Dr. David Pendergast archaeologists conducted extensive research during the 1960s and 1970s.  A fascinating discovery was made! Buried in the temple of  Kinich Ahau – the revered sun god of the Maya – the largest carved jade object of the Maya world was unearthed.

CavCave_tubing_belize_toure Tubing Belize and Zipline

Nohoch Che’en Park is home to the largest river cave system and ideal Cave Tubing Belize experience. This archaeological reserve consists of a network of limestone caves which in fact is the largest in all of Central America!  Cave Tubing Belize is named one of the top 10 things to do!

Geological research indicates that the cave was formed over several hundred thousand years. This region of Belize features a tropical Karst landscape which led to the formations we see today. Archaeologists concur that the ancient Maya utilized the site for important rituals.

“Today’s modern visitor enjoys a unique opportunity to observe the awesome geological features of the site, and to ponder the nature of prehistoric human utilization.”

Zip Line is a thrill – imagine zipping through the trees from platform to platform surrounded by the Belize jungle!  Start with the Chicken Run – just in case you want to chicken out while you still can! From there it’s an amazing experience to remember!

During your Cave Tubing Belize + Altun Ha + Zip Line

Start with a mini highlights of Belize City tour before heading out on approx 45min drive to Altun Ha.  Altun Ha Maya Ruins was upgraded for visitor access to allow for a wheelchair accessible restroom, and a visitor center, amongst other renovations. The plazas are flat and are wheelchair friendly.

After touring the major plazas and site enjoy viewing the talented craftmanship or check out the visitors center.  Travel back in history; feel the presence of an ancient civilization; hike the temples where the elite families once occupied; enjoy the amazing and unique view from the temple top.

After a delicious local lunch, head over to Cave Tubing Belize and the Zip Line experience located at Nohoch Che-en Park.  An amazing and highly memorable day!  Click here for wikipedia information on Altun Ha.