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The southern reef of Belize is the treasure trove of Placencia. Beautiful islands of Silk, Ranguana, and Laughing Bird Caye beckon with crystal clear waters and superb underwater experiences.  Where else can you swim, snorkel and dive with the majestic whale shark one day and catch your own dinner the next day! 

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Whale Shark Snorkel & Dive

Belize Snorkeling - Whale Shark Location: Gladden Spit, Placencia 
Level: Snorkelers & Certified Divers
At the Gladden Spit Park, the large cubera snapper gather to spawn, which attracts the whale sharks. Visit the only site in the world where you can swim and dive with the whale sharks during the spawning periods of March to June in the days following the full moon, with April and May being the best choices.

Barrier Reef and Atolls

Belize Tours - Snorkeling & Scuba Dive

Barrier Reef Sites: Silk Caye, Laughingbird Caye, Pompion, South Water Caye, Ranguana, Placencia
Atoll Sites: Glover's Atoll, Lighthouse Reef (Blue Hole)
Level: Snorkelers, Certified Divers, New & Resort Course Divers

Barrier Reef Sites
Wall dives are the key attractions at many of these sites. The wall is a dramatic vertical plunge in most parts and is littered with sponges, hard corals, and large soft coral plumes where schools of school master snapper like to gather. Large groupers like this stretch of the reef that they share with passing schools of creole wrasse. These beautiful cayes make for great stops for surface intervals,lunch and are the base point for terrific snorkeling. Boat Rides average 45mins for Inner Cayes to 80mins for the Outer Cayes. Trips are full day with two or three guided snorkel or dive excursions, and are fully inclusive.
Atolls: Glovers Reef and Lighthouse Reef (home to the Blue Hole)
At Glover's Atoll, wall dives at these World Heritage Sites offer abundant gorgonians, sponges and wire corals, with heavy plate corals in the deeper areas.
Cross currents flowing along these wall structures at the southernmost end bring in pelagic surprises, so keep your eyes open!  At Lighthouse Reef the first dive starts at The Blue Hole itself which was once a massive dry cave formed during the last ice age when sea levels were much lower leaving behind stalactites. Devoid of color and home to only the bravest, the Blue Hole is over 450 feet deep and about 1000 feet across. One dives the Blue Hole for its experience - for color and vibrancy its the other two dives around Lighthouse Reef that seal the deal! Trips are full day with three guided snorkel or dive excursions, and are fully inclusive.

Belize Tours - Belize Fishing

Fish & Snorkel Fun Day

Location: Inner/Outer Cayes, Placencia 
Level: Snorkelers
The perfect combination for the not-so-avid fishermen and women. Great as a family experience or friends. Yours is a charter boat with your personal guide/captain. Cast your rod or drop your line and sinker for snappers. Your guide is almost perfect and brings in a catch about 99% of the time! This is a relaxed and fun fishing experience.


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