Belize Tours | Placencia - Mayan Ruins 

The Mayan ruins of Belize are evidence of feats of the ancient Mayan culture that once thrived in Belize. Explore the mysteries of the Maya with superb guides. Temples to the south and west as well as Caracol and Tikal are accessible from Placencia.

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Xunantunich Ruins                                                  

Belize Tours - Ruins, Xunantunich Location: Succotz Village, Western Highway
Combine with: Cahal Pech Temple, River Tubing / Kayak, Medicinal Trail
Level: Easy - Moderate (some walking & stair climbing)
The "Maiden of the Rock" is a Classic period (300-900 AD) ceremonial center, with large plazas ringed with pyramids. The center is composed of six major plazas highlighting the steep but short, 130ft climb to the top of "El Castillo."


Caracol Maya Temple - Belize’s highest temple

caracol-mayaLocation: Mountain Pine Ridge 
Combined with: Mountain Pine Ridge swim stop at Rio On Pools
Level: Easy - Moderate (walking and climbing
Caracol, a Classic Period complex discovered in 1938, covers 30-square miles of thick, high-canopy jungle, and includes five plazas, and an astronomic observatory and temples. The loftiest among them, a massive pyramid (Caana) which is capped by three temples and rises over 140 feet above the jungle floor. 

Tikal Temple - City of Echos

Belize Tours - Ruins, Tikal (Guatemala) Location: Guatemala 
Level: Easy - Moderate (walking and climbing)
With over 3000 structures including many extensive temples Tikal is declared as a National Monument and Cultural World Heritage SIte for its extraordinary cultural importance and immense variety of flora and fauna. Hidden by dense jungle until the 19th century, Tikal reprincipals one of the most breathtaking archaeological sites of the Maya World.

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