Tikal Maya Temple - City of Echos

  • Tikal Maya Temple Guatemala BelizeLocation: Guatemala  
  • Description: Full Day Tour
  • Recommended Wear: Hiking boots or sneakers  
  • Level: Easy - Moderate (walking and climbing)


With over 3000 structures including many extensive temples, declared a National Park in 1955, and later upgraded to National Monument for its extraordinary cultural importance and immense variety of flora and fauna, Tikal became a Cultural World Heritage in 1979.  Tikal is an adventure that you should experience.  Hidden by dense jungle until the 19th century, Tikal reprincipals one of the most breathtaking archaeological sites of the Maya World.  Visitors can only get a sense of the power and immensity of Tikal after climbing up Temple IV and looking out over the expansive site to view the distant temples protruding through the canopy.  Structures unearthed at Tikal include temples, palaces, living quarters, ball courts, and a sauna.