River Kayak

  • River Kayak Cayo BelizeLocation: Options include Succotz, Mountain Pine Ridge, and Toledo areas
  • Recommended Wear: sturdy shoes, t-shirt, short pants, repellent, sun block, hat
  • Level: Easy - Moderate - Intense (Paddling)

Kayaking in Belize is a great adventure experience to add to your vacation.  A variety of kayaking trips are available to choose from, with instructional assistance to beginners, and excitement for all levels of kayaking experience. Kayaking trips are available from many locations within Belize.

Kayaking - Clarissa Run :  This exciting kayaking half day trip includes class 2 and 3 runs. Between the rapids, this stretch of river offers the tranquility of lush rainforest, vibrant flora and active fauna that you expect to encounter in a sensitive intact eco-system. Paddle gently down the Mopan River for about two hours. The river is hugged tightly by the Maya Mountains and fed by many fresh Clarissa Falls Kayak, Belizewater streams where exotic birds call and the beauty of creation abounds.  Herons, iguanas, and kingfishers are some of the river life you are sure to encounter along the way. Flora include a vast array of flora - bromeliads (air plants), orchids, epiphytic cactus and more.   * Also available as a River Tubing trip.

Kayaking - Paslow Falls :  This longer Mopan River Kayaking run combines the Clarissa run with Paslow Falls arriving in Bullet Tree Falls Village. This is a full Kayaking Day Trip combining rapids with plenty of calm water.

Kayaking - Vaca Falls:  This is the kayaking adventure for rapids and water fall lovers. As you kayak down the Macal River you will find yourself surrounded by tangled rainforest deep in the remote section of the Maya Mountains in western Belize, where very few people venture.