Lamanai – The 2nd largest pre-classic site

  • Lamanai Maya Temple BelizeLocation: Orange Walk District
  • Description: Full Day Tour
  • Recommended Wear: hiking boots or sneakers
  • Level: Easy - Moderate (walking and climbing)
Our favorite Maya Temple tour! Lamanai's setting in the New River Lagoon, with only jungle for miles around, gives it a special quality.   Enjoy a scenic boat ride down the New River with your knowledgeable guide.  Orchids and other flowers are abundant along the bank. Also be on the lookout for crocodiles, turtles, camouflaged bats and the "Jesus Christ Bird" walking on water. Lamanai is one of only a few sites whose original Maya name is known - it translates to "Submerged Crocodile". This site features the second largest Pre-Classic structure in the Maya world and the view across the surrounding forest from atop the temple is magnificent. The site’s protected status provides for an abundance of wildlife inside the park. There are at least seven families of howler monkeys that make Lamanai their home and you will most likely see a couple of them peering down through the branches as you wander the trails and temples.