Crystal Cave – Extreme Caving Fun

  • Location: Blue Hole National Park, Hummingbird Highway 
  • Description: Full Day Tour
  • Recommended Wear: hiking boots, long pants, t-shirt, swimsuit, towel
  • Level: Moderate (jungle trek, caving activity)  
Crystal Cave, BelizeStart with a 40 minute hike under pristine jungle to the chorus of jungle birds such as toucans, mot-mots and raptors.   The Crystal Cave is the entrance to the mystical and most sacred area in Maya pantheon. Access the cave with a 40ft climb down into the first chamber.  The Crystal cave system goes through miles of huge caverns that are adorned with speleothems and crystalline formation. Each step you take goes back further in time to when shamans and Priest journeyed into the under world.   Artifacts, pottery, beads, obsidian knives, fire pits, charcoal ash and human skeleton are calcified in the limestone floor, all evidences of the once flourishing ancient Mayan civilization.