Cockscomb Basin – World’s first jaguar preserve

  • Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve BelizeLocation: Southern Highway
  • Recommended Wear: t-shirt, long pants, hiking boots
  • Description: Full Day Tour
  • Level: Easy to Moderate
Established as a forest reserve in 1984 and later upgraded to a wildlife sanctuary in February 1986, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is recognized internationally as the world’s first jaguar preserve. It is also known for its spectacular waterfalls, mountain views, nature trails, and rich diversity of neo-tropical birds. The tracks of wildcats, tapir, deer, and other wildlife are often seen on hiking trails.  The area was also designated to protect the upper watersheds of important river systems that deliver ecosystem services to people. Hundreds of species of plants with exotic leaves and flowers, colorful insects, singing birds, furry mammals, scaly reptiles, and wide-eyed amphibians live in this complex tropical forest community. Over the years the Sanctuary has expanded from 3,600 acres to 128,000 acres connecting with the Bladen Nature Reserve for a continuous corridor of protected areas totaling 250,000 acres.