Barton Creek Cave Canoe

  • Location: Teakettle Village turnoff, Western Highway
  • Description: Half Day or Combination
  • Combine With: Horseback Riding, Big Rock Falls
  • Recommended Wear: t-shirt, long pants, closed shoes, swimsuit, towel
  • Level: Moderate (canoe paddling on easy water)


Barton Creek Cave Canoe, BelizeTravel along rivers, jungle trails, orange orchards, and along the Chiquibul Road through the Mennonite Community of Barton Creek.  We'll arrive at the Outpost where the setting is reminiscent of childhood secret places discovered on a hot summer day.  Hidden within this small Community, are the remnants of an ancient Mayan civilization silently waiting to be explored in the cool, dark watery underground caverns of Barton Creek Cave, which was a center for ritualistic activities including human sacrifices, fertility rites and bloodletting. Stretching one to two miles underground, this ancient wonder can be explored only by canoe. Drift along and marvel at the glittering stalactites and stalagmites; the eerie remains of human bones; centuries old clay pots, some in perfect form, and tiny remnants of cultural Mayan artifacts.  Take a plunge in the cold under-ground river if you dare for a truly incredible experience.